What are Business Levels? - Hasmate
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What are Business Levels?

What are Business Levels?

What does the business structure look like?

There are three business levels to use in Hasmate – many businesses will only use 1 or 2 of these.

How does your business divide up? Do you have a number of locations, branches or departments? Think of the biggest way you can divide up your company – this is your Business Level 1.

Does your “Business Level 1” divide up further? If not, you don’t need to set up Business Level 2 or 3. If it does, then this will be your Business Level 2.

And so on for Business Level 3.

Each Hasmate program allows the user to “name” Business Level 1, 2 and 3 in the “Control” part of the program (e.g. Business Level 1 could be called Branch, Business Level 2 could be called Department). This needs to be done at the very beginning – before information is entered into Hasmate.

Once the Business Levels have been named, then you need to add each of them.
They are found under “Master Files”, and then “Business Levels”.
If Business Level 1 was called “Branch”, you would then add the different branch names in.
If Business Level 2 was called “Department”, you would then add the different department names in, while connecting them to the appropriate branch, etc.