Using Hasmate for Schools | Hasmate health and safety
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Staff Information for Schools

Staff Information for Schools

The Hasmate online program was designed to be used by all industries, no matter what size.

Here are some specific ways the Hasmate program can be used for those in education, specifically primary, intermediate, and high schools.

There is some great questions answered, including “Who is responsible for health and safety at a school?”, by WorkSafe here – click here.

Using the Employees module

This area can be used for noting down:

  • What part of the school they are connected to (for more information, click here);
  • Emergency contact information;
  • Drivers license details;
  • What training has been completed by the staff member (for more information, click here);
  • What or any PPE that has been assigned to a staff member;
  • Any health monitoring undertaken (e.g. hearing tests, random drug tests, etc.), and the results of this (this area can also be used for noting down who has school keys, COVID test results, etc.)
  • Any documentation connected to that staff member (ACC forms, doctors certificates, employment records, training certificates – see other examples).

For information about adding a staff member, click here.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss this further.