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Security Access for Schools

Security Access for Schools

The Hasmate online program was designed to be used by all industries, no matter what size.

Here are some specific ways the Hasmate program can be used for those in education, specifically primary, intermediate, and high schools.

There is some great questions answered, including “Who is responsible for health and safety at a school?”, by WorkSafe here – click here.

Security Access

The program is designed to allow different levels of access to the program.

For example:

  • The board of trustees and the principal – they can be set up to see all information in the program, irrelevant of what part of the school it’s connected to.
  • The office administrator – they could be set up to be able to add and edit certain information in the program across all Departments, but not be able to see other information. 
  • Heads of Departments – they could be set up to only see information relevant to their Department.
  • The groundsman – they could be set up to only see information related to assets, hazards, incidents, and chemicals (for example).

We do not recommend giving all members of staff access to the Hasmate program, due to privacy issues, and also inconsistencies with data entry.

In the Hasmate program, we have Security Roles and Security Users.

Security Roles is where you set up what modules you want users to have access to, and also whether you want them to be able to just view information, and/or edit, and/or delete information.  For more information, click here.

Security Users is where you set up who has access to the program, what security roles (as mentioned above) that they should have, and also what parts of the school should they see information about.  See Business Levels information below.  For more information about Security Users, click here.

Business Levels

This is how the school can separate information – making it easier to report on particular departments in the school, etc.  This is also the way that you can ensure staff with access to the Hasmate program are only seeing information appropriate to their part of the school.

You can have up to three (3) business levels for information, e.g.:

For a typical school, you would need to use one business level, e.g.:

  • Business Level 1 could be Department (e.g. Art, Science, Business, English, etc.)

For a larger school, you could use more than one business level, e.g. Department, Subject, or as appropriate.

For more information on Business Levels, click here.

Keeping the program secure

When you set up a new staff member with access to the Hasmate program, their password must be complex.

  • a minimum of 8 characters;
  • at least 1 number;
  • must contain at least 1 letter;
  • and must contain at least 1 of the following .!@#$^&*()_+ .

We also recommend that every business has a password policy, about how often passwords should be changed for program access.

Don’t forget to sign up for your free 30 day trial of the Hasmate software – no credit card required – sign up here!

Please contact us if you wish to discuss this further.