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Document Management for Schools

Document Management for Schools

The Hasmate online program was designed to be used by all industries, no matter what size.

Here are some specific ways the Hasmate program can be used for those in education, specifically primary, intermediate, and high schools.

There is some great questions answered, including “Who is responsible for health and safety at a school?”, by WorkSafe here – click here.

Using the Documents module

The Documents module is the place to upload all policies and procedures used through the school, as it allows you to set a review date for the documentation.

Some examples are:

  • Policies or procedures for using the chemistry lab, and handling chemicals;
  • Handling and storing the chemicals for the school pool;
  • Procedure for hazard identification;
  • Incident management procedures;
  • Others in the Workplace policy;
  • Emergency Plans and Procedures;
  • Safe operating procedures;
  • Induction procedures;
  • Etc.

By adding a review date for each policy/procedure, an alert will come up when it’s time for the document to be reviewed.

You can note down any changes/reviews that you undertake for the document, and how you have communicated this with others.

For information about how to add a document into this module, click here.

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Please contact us if you wish to discuss this further.