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Other Health and Safety Management Products

Hasmate is more than just an online program – we have also produced many documents and forms for businesses, saving them time when training staff, contractors, and more.

Check out what other health and safety management products we offer below:

Safe Operating Procedures

Choose from our extensive range of safe operating procedures to improve health and safety in your workplace. If you don’t see the safe operating procedure you require, we can create a new one specific to your business.


Save time and money on developing forms. We have a large range of standard forms to document workplace information and activities. If you don’t see the form you require, we can develop one specific to your business and save you the hassle.


Informative posters are a good way to increase awareness and education in your workplace about hazards, procedures and health and safety. Make sure your employees and visitors are informed.


Having easy to understand procedures will improve health and safety in your workplace and overall productivity. We have an extensive range of procedures developed by experts to save you time, rework and duplication. If you don’t see the procedure you need, we can develop one for you.

Hazard Registers

Hazard registers are an essential part of ensuring compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act. Choose from our range of hazard register templates or contact us to get a template developed.


Guidelines provide you with easy to understand, step by step information about managing behaviour in the workplace, for example disciplinary action. Choose from our existing documents or contact us to get a guideline developed.


Polices are essential for providing rules about activities and behaviour in the workplace. If you need access to industry specific policies, choose from our list or talk to us about getting a policy developed.

Yellow Card System

The Yellow Card System is an easy incident reporting solution for businesses that have their health and safety data offline or online.

Industry Hazard Register Templates

These documents are specific for particular industries or processes, and contain condensed hazard registers for multiple hazards/risks within that industry.

Contact us if you have a question or need information…