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Keeping an asset register of your work tools in case of theft

Keeping an asset register of your work tools in case of theft

If you or your business associates (whether you are in the trades industry or not) were to be a victim of theft, would you be able to provide the details of all the tools and equipment (e.g. an asset register) that were stolen to the police and your insurance company?

The following example was an actual event that happened  in Hawke’s Bay, and is just one example of what is happening across New Zealand.

Jim ran a two-man contracting business with a truck, small excavator, and a bobcat. He was contracted to clean up a section in an established subdivision and arrived on the job after lunch, unloaded the digger and bobcat, and started work at the back of the building. When he went to reload the equipment, he found that someone had stolen his truck ramps.

How often have we read about similar incidents where a builder’s ute, shed, or container is smashed open and the lifeblood of their business, their tools of their trade, have been stolen?

Insurance companies recommend keeping photographs of tools, equipment, vehicles, etc, in case this ever happens.  Serial numbers are a great record too, and any other relevant information about your trade tools and equipment.

Did you know that all this information can go into Hasmate?

In the online Hasmate program, you can create asset records for each of your tools and equipment, and upload colour photos, images of serial numbers, and more, while also being able to easily produce an inventory to provide to the police and your insurance company, in case of theft.

This inventory can also be used for your end of year asset register – perfect for your accountant.  Or even if you are selling your business.  Because the Hasmate program is cloud based, this information can be accessed via your laptop or tablet easily.

For a free 30 day trial of the Hasmate program, please click here.

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