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It’s time to complete your JSAs online!

Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP), or whatever you call it!

So many names for it – and now, one easy online solution for it!  The Job Safety Analysis (JSA) module is now available, to be added to your online Hasmate program.


Preparing a JSA before a job/project is a proactive way of identifying hazards before you enter a job site, and show everyone working on the site how to manage these risks (e.g. PPE requirements, emergency situations, etc).


The new module has sections for:

  • Safety Hazard Plan, including room to note down the different steps in the job, hazards, risk ratings, controls, etc.
  • Environmental Management Plan, e.g. site waste, potential environmental risks, etc.
  • Staffing
  • Assets to be used
  • Subcontractors, including room for you to allocate a cost to their work
  • Permits
  • PPE Requirements
  • Subcontractor Inductions
  • Licences
  • Hazardous Substances
  • Emergency Response Planning, including emergency personnel, emergency locations, procedures, and phone numbers
  • Inspections


One of the main benefits to bringing your JSAs online is the ability to duplicate a previous JSA.  If you do very similar jobs, this will make your life easier.


The new JSA module links in with our Employees, Assets, Chemicals modules – making it faster to enter information.


Alerts will notify you if a permit, licence, etc. is about to expire for a JSA.


The printable JSA profile allows you to choose which sections to print, and has room for signatures at the bottom.

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