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Health and Safety Audit Documentation

Health and Safety Audit Forms – $55 + GST each

  • Health and Safety Monitoring Audit (F008-01) – 4 pages
    A form containing 39 audit items to assess, including first aid kit, doorways, stairways, hazard register, etc.
  • Audit Plan (F008-02) – 1 page
    A table form to note down when audits have been done.
  • Audit Checklist – Internal (F008-03) – 2 pages
    A table form to evaluate procedures, forms, records, etc.
  • Audit Register (F008-04) – 1 page
    A table form to note down what audits have been completed, by whom, and when.
  • Agriculture Prompt Checklist (F008-06) – 7 pages
    A checklist for agricultural businesses to ensure they systematically check all items are working correctly, etc.
  • Maintenance Safety Audit (F008-07) – 1 page
    A 22 point checklist to evaluate how maintenance is completed.
  • Health and Safety Audit Cycle (F008-08) – 4 pages
    Our most popular document.  Use as a pre and post evaluation process of where your business’ health and safety is at.
  • ISO Management Audit (F008-10) – 4 pages
    An assessment of the requirements required for ISO, and whether a business is meeting them or not.
  • Machinery and Equipment Safety Assessment Audit (F008-12) – 2 pages
    A 27 point checklist for checking machinery and equipment safety.
  • Office Safety Audit (F008-16) – 5 pages
    A 57 point checklist for checking office safety, including storage and file rooms, office equipment, emergency planning, etc.
  • Contract Inspection Audit Plan – 1 page
    To be used for the inspection of work by engaged contractors and sub-contractors undertaking work for the business.
  • Site Audit Checklist – 2 pages
    For undertaking a site audit, including PPE and safety devices, vehicles and equipment, site safety management, etc.

Health and Safety Audit Procedures – $55 + GST each

  • Forms Collection and Audit Procedure (PRO006) – 1 page
    A procedure to ensure that all forms used by all the individual divisions of the company are collected, collated, reviewed for adequacy and currency, to enable them to be registered on the company document register for future document control.  To be used for digital documents too.
  • Internal Auditing Procedure (PRO008A) – 1 page
    A procedure for conducting internal audits of the company operations.
  • Health and Safety Compliance Audit Procedure (PRO008B) – 2 pages
    A procedure for carrying out health and safety audits of the production, service, and sales area of a business, to ensure facilities and applied hazard controls are in place, working, and effective.

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