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Health and Safety Administration – are you covered?

Health and Safety Administration – are you covered?

Even if you are not a Hasmate program user or you use another online program, is your business adequately covered to manage this if your health and safety advisor/administrator is away from work, leaves your employment, or the role is only temporary for seasonal reasons?

We often get contacted with calls for help from our clients across New Zealand because they have not considered this scenario, especially when information is required for a management/board report or a WorkSafe NZ investigation. This can also apply if your business operates a silo health and safety system of separate spreadsheets or a hardcopy record system, and when push comes to shove, this can be very time- consuming and expensive.

Who else knows where to find the information?

Heres a few tips to make this easier for you:

  1. Carry out a systems management capability assessment on your administration and H&S systems to identify if you have coverage or adequate access by others at any required time for all the systems. You may be surprised by the outcome of this exercise!
  2. If you are the PCBU/owner of the business, the H&S systems is something you should know how to work and have access to all information at any time. this is now your legal responsibility;
  3. From your gap analysis in (1), identify any training to cover the gaps and carry this out;
  4. Get your health and safety administrator or manager to develop a training plan for 1-2 other employees and train them how to use your Hasmate program or any other recording systems for such an event as above.
  5. If you are using the Hasmate program, there are a number of training videos to help with this;
  6. Check that these administrators do have an understanding of your management policies and of health and safety;
  7. Review the systems management capability on an annual basis.

If you require any additional information, contact Hasmate today.