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Employing Health and Safety Managers

Employing Health and Safety Managers

In the past month, I have noticed more than 40 job vacancies with the aim to employing Health and Safety Managers, Advisors, Officers, and Trainers. This is great for those who want to get into this line of work.

However, for businesses going down that employment track, I suggest that during your selection process, make sure that you really dig into the actual frontline experience of the applicant. It’s all very well if they have a Diploma in H&S, or Levels 2- 4 in H&S Training, but what actual experience have they had?

Is experience working as a receptionist with the added role as the H&S Administrator good enough? I don’t think so.

Why?  Because they may spend 6-12 months having to be trained and building the company’s H&S systems, where there are more cost-effective options available.

There are many expat Kiwis returning from Australia, as well as Australians who have worked in the mines or for large companies, and are now being employed as New Zealand H&S Managers. While their experience will be valuable, just take note that this is not Australia and although our legislation is similar, it’s not so ardent.

For example – I came across a newly ex-Australian H&S Manager who was insisting that everyone in an engineering workshop of 18 employees was to be issued with an individual full face safety mask. Why?  Because, in his opinion, the headband on a shared face shield could carry bacteria, cause cross contamination and cause dermatitis. Perhaps it could, but it’s an example of what you could be up against.

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