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Sole Operators & Health and Safety Responsibilities

Sole Operators & Health and Safety Responsibilities

We have had several enquiries recently for health and safety plans from sole operators and two-man contractors. It appears that the PCBUs of larger companies are now putting the pressure on these small operators and are wanting to ensure that they have their health and safety bases covered.

This raises the question – what does a one-man operator have to have in place to ensure that they comply with the Health and Safety At Work Act 2015?

I am sure there will be other H&S advisors that think differently, but here is my pragmatic approach to this situation:

  • To keep themselves safe;
  • To not endanger others during their work;
  • To have developed a hazard/risk register of their business activities and that this is risk rated;
  • To have undertaken a job safety analysis (JSA) or SSSP that is specific to the job;
  • To adhere to industry best practice or other industry or national standards;
  • To have the necessary public liability insurance cover in place, making sure it’s current;
  • To communicate or notify to their clients of any hazards or risks that they may bring to their workplace and how they will be controlled prior to undertaking the work;
  • To keep a record of any incidents or accidents. This should not be done to just be compliant – it’s also an opportunity to improve the business operations;
  • To report any notifiable injuries/incidents to WorkSafe NZ and their commercial clients, as soon as they becomes aware of it;
  • To keep records of any qualifications or training;
  • To keep records of any vehicle or machinery/equipment servicing – if in doubt, record it;
  • To check the first aid kit and fire extinguisher on an annual basis.

If the business is a franchise, then a number of these points should be part of the franchise information.

If you require any additional information, contact Hasmate today.