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Monitoring and Checking Equipment

Monitoring and Checking Equipment

It’s a new year already, and there is 11 months to go before Santa comes calling again. (Hopefully) he’ll be using this time to check over his sledge and accessories, as well as the general maintenance of supporting equipment!

This may sound a light-hearted introduction to the topic of plant maintenance, but how important is this to your business and what are or could be the consequences if this is not done?

Items like:

  • Building warrant of fitness;
  • Fire extinguishers;
  • Electrical equipment certification;
  • Lifting chains;
  • Overhead cranes;
  • Car hoists;
  • Employees’ licences;
  • Forklift licences;
  • Vehicle structures;
  • Air conditioning units etc.

While many businesses rely on a callback system from a 3rd party supplier for these checks, the ultimate responsibility still rests with the business (the PCBU and the officers of the business).

To assist you with this, here are a few questions to consider:

  • Has your business identified and recorded those items that need to be checked, recalibrated, retested or surveyed annually?
    To help you with this, have a look at our Trigger Points Identification document (downloadable from here, 89.4kb, pdf).
  • Sign up for the free Hasmate program trial to see how this can be managed through the Asset management module.
  • Have you got a plan and budget for this?
  • Have you created alert dates for those who are responsible for this important business process?
  • Are you maintaining an up-to-date schedule of all the 3rd parties or contractors who undertake the checks for the business?
    The Hasmate program has a Contractors module that is useful to manage this.
  • Have you visually checked that all the surveyed items have the current or up-to-date tag or label attached?
  • Have you informed your employees of the importance of the certification tags/labels and for checking the equipment prior to use?

Hope this helps to assist your business to meet its statutory obligations for the year.

Please contact us with any enquiries today.