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Manage Known Risks

Manage Known Risks

I recently read an article from WorkSafe NZ regarding managing risk (read article here) and the consequential financial impact on the company involved must be really hurting them.

Could this be your business and could you wear the cost?

Instead, take immediate action to manage known risks.

The points to be taken from this case are:

  1. Carry out systematic hazard and risk assessments on all machinery and document this;
  2. Use more than one person, train and involve your employees, you are required by law to do this;
  3. Understand the difference between “what is a hazard” and “what is a risk”;
  4. Learn to establish the criticality of risks by understanding and using risk calculators;
  5. Take immediate action to correct all known hazards and risks – don’t lock the door after the horse has bolted;
  6. Understand the requirements for machine guarding and where emergency stops should be positioned;
  7. Train your employees in their use and record this training using the Hasmate program;
  8. Implement a testing program to ensure that all emergency stops and breaking devices are working effectively.

If you require any further information or help on this subject, please contact Gordon direct.