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The Prescribed Person – the 2021 edition

The Prescribed Person – the 2021 edition

The day of the tradie is here…

Due to the ill thought-out decisions by former governments, New Zealand is now facing a critical shortage of tradespeople, and is now in a feverous scramble to fill that gap for the future development of New Zealand, especially in the housing market.

Previously, I wrote about “The Prescribed Person and Health and Safety“, and what this means to the home owner and for business in general.

To reiterate this definition, a prescribed person is defined as, “where legislation, regulations, instruction, or standards state that a prescribed person is to be used, they must be used”. These are trained, qualified specialists who are licensed and authorised to undertake certain work. E.g. Drainlayer, plumbers, gas fitters, welders, etc.

The following article illustrates the need for this category of tradespeople, and the potential consequences for not using one for specific tasks.

Plumbers, Gasfitters & Drainlayers Board warns against unlicensed workers

If this category of contractor are critical to your business, have you got a register for the management and contact of this group and most importantly a method to store copies of their certifications (for the safeguarding of your business)?

The Contractor module in the online Hasmate program is built for just that.  As well as all the contact details for each contractor business, you can also add in information about their public liability insurance, copies of their certifications, who has had contractor inductions onto your premise, etc.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss.