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How to make Contractor Prequalification easier

How to make Contractor Prequalification easier

With contractor prequalification part of the New Zealand health and safety scene, this process can still be frustrating and time consuming for many smaller business operations.

For many small businesses, whomever does the administration of the business, is also in charge of HR, and thus ends up the health and safety administrator as well.  A lot of hats to wear!

When these small businesses want to work with bigger contractors, the complexities of completing the contractor prequalification assessment can be frustrating.

We want to share with you a proven process that we have used with other companies, that can take the stress and frustration out of this process.

An idea for future prequalification audit preparations

Like any audit, the prequalification audit process requires evidence that the company’s health and safety systems are working. In many cases, this is the first hurdle to get across – the keeping of records.

To help with this, here is a simple process to make this easy for any future contractor and preferred supplier audits, and remember, the completion of this process could be the continuance of current and future contracts.

Here is how it works.

  1. Set up a folder on your computer called “Contractor Prequalification 2024”.
  2. In this folder, set up 10 – 15 sub folders.
  3. From the audit requirements, name each sub folder separately, e.g.
  4. Review the questions from each section in the audit paper, and identify what evidence is required to be attached to each sub folder.
  5. Identify and source these records, and then scan and upload to the relevant folder.
  6. When completed, make 1-2 three copies of the original folder, and call each folder “Contractor Prequalification 2025“, “Contractor Prequalification 2026“, etc.
  7. You now have a master audit profile. All you need to do for the next years audit is to update the evidence, so it is current.
  8. When the question requires that you attach evidence of compliance, you will have it organised and at your fingertips.

The failure of this process is when you don’t carry out the requirements of your health and safety plans, and don’t complete or keep the required records. E.g. toolbox meetings, JSA/SSSPs, etc.

You now have a simple and organised method to save time, and hopefully less frustration!

Remember – the online Hasmate health and safety program is a great online way to store your health and safety information, making it easier for contractor prequalification as well.  Sign up for your free 30 day trial.

We have also helped many businesses with pre-qualification (Sitewise, etc).  Click here to find out more.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss.