Health and Safety Systems for Contractors
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How Effective are your Contractors’ Health and Safety Systems?

How Effective are your Contractors’ Health and Safety Systems?

Every business has external contractors to undertake work for them – whether it be the plumber, the vinyl layer, the painter, the builder, an air conditioning servicing business, etc.

My question to all businesses is:

  • have you communicated the health and safety requirements of your business to the contractors you use; and
  • have you checked that the contractors you use have the necessary health and safety systems and processes in place, prior to them working on your work site or office?

The following article is a wake-up call for all businesses who engage external contractors to undertake work for them – click here to read.

Even though the business concerned was not held accountable for the actions that led to the workplace fatality, this case illustrates the depth of systems and records to prove due diligence that WorkSafe investigators can dig into.

While this case involves a high risk industry, the key point here is that, as the business owner, you have the responsibility (as does the contractor) to communicate with each other, and to inform the other party of:

  • The client’s health and safety systems of entry;
  • Any hazardous areas or limited access areas;
  • Any hazards or risks that could impact on either party, their employees, or business operations;
  • The means or methods of how the hazards will be controlled, and by who;
  • Any permitting communication or reporting functions that must to be followed; and
  • Any post contract review or debriefing, if applicable.

Although this may read as an erroneous and time wasting process, it can be managed effectively by having sturdy contractor management processes in place.

15 minutes of time to communicate your H&S standards versus a $26,000 fine – it’s an easy decision!

Please contact us if you wish to discuss this further.