Latest Update 27th August 2018 - Hasmate
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Latest Update 27th August 2018

Latest Update 27th August 2018

The latest upgrade is detailed below.

Inactive Employees

When an employee stops work with your business, it is easy to add a date into their Employment End Date field, against that employee.

When you do that now, the following alerts for that employee will now be inactive too:

  • PPE alerts (next review dates, expiry dates)
  • training alerts (next review dates, expiry dates)
  • Additional Information alerts (next review date)
  • Work Permit Expiry Date
  • Next Review Date
  • Drivers Licence Expiry Date

This does not remove any next review dates or expiry dates from these alerts – it just makes them not appear amongst your alerts.

Note – if a person is going to leave next week, don’t put the Employment End Date in now, unless you want the alerts and the employee to be immediately inactive.

If this employee returns to work at your business, simply removing the Employment End Date will make these alerts appear again.  This will remind you about which of their training has expired, what PPE needs reviewing, etc.

(In this instance, we recommend that you also change the Employment Start Date to the new start date – and note the previous employment information under Additional Information).

Miscellaneous Issues

The Miscellaneous module is a great place to store information that doesn’t quite fit into the other modules.  For example – employment issues, health and safety meeting records (these could also go into Documents), etc.

If you connect a miscellaneous issue to an employee or contractor, this will now also display on the employee or contractor screen, and on the printable profile.  If you click “Open” on one of these issues, it will take you to the full miscellaneous issue to read more.

New Employees

Every new employee must have a First Name and Last Name entered – previously there were no compulsory fields!

Name Changes in Alerts – bug fix

A bug was identified that when an asset was renamed or an employee last name was changed, any alerts related to that asset or employee continued to have the previous name.

This has been resolved.

If you have any questions about the above upgrades, please contact to discuss.