Editing a Master File - Hasmate
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Editing a Master File

Editing a Master File

The Hasmate program comes with some Master Files set up by default (see these here) – but always make sure the Master Files are suited to your business.  E.g. if there is a job title set up as a Master File that needs tweaking slightly (Administration Assistant to Administration Manager), feel free to edit it.

How to edit a Master File

To do this, please click on “Master Files” on the navigation, then click the Master File that you want to update.  E.g. “Employee”, and then “Job Title”.

You will then see all the current Master Files set up for that option.  E.g. all the job titles already set up.

Double click the Master File that you want to change/edit, or click “Open“.

Click the “Edit” button, make the change to the Job Title field, and then click “Save“.  All done!

If you have further questions or require training, please contact Hasmate.