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JSA Module – the Permits section

JSA Module – the Permits section

This section allows the user to note down all permits that have been issued for the job, who issued them, and when they expire.

Permits Section

(Note – click the > beside the “Permits” heading, and you’ll see the information table).

This section is made up of the following fields:

  • Type of Permit – this is a new Master File.  This is the type of permit.
    By default, this Master File will have the following options set up – Asbestos Removal, Close Approach, Confined Spaces, Elevated Work Platform, Gas Free, Hot Work, Live Electrical Work, Permit to Dig, Roof Access, Shutdown Notice, Traffic Management Plan, Working at Heights, WorkSafe Notifiable Work.  To find out how to change any Master Files, click here.
  • Date Issued – the date that the permit was issued.
  • Issued By – this is a free text field – it doesn’t have to be a Sub Contractor that has issued this.
  • Expiry Date – the date that the permit will expire.  This does not create an alert, as sometimes permits have very short timeframes.

To add in a permit, click “Add Permit“.  You’ll see the form below.  Fill in the appropriate fields, and click “Save“.

An example of how this section could look:

If you have further questions or require training on using the Hasmate program, please contact Hasmate.