How to delete an Incident - Hasmate
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How to delete an Incident

How to delete an Incident

On the odd occasion where you and a colleague have both entered the same incident into the Hasmate program, you will want to delete one of these incidents.

Make sure that you choose the correct incident to delete – e.g. the one with the least information – collate the information into one incident first.

How to delete an Incident

To do this, please go to “Incidents” on the navigation, then click the incident that you want to delete.

Because the Hasmate program has connections between all the modules, you need to disconnect this incident from any connections to contractors, employees, assets, hazards, Business Levels, etc.

The fields are:

  • Incident Details
    • Employee
    • Contractor
    • Reported By
    • Associated Risk/Hazard
    • Incident Manager
    • Actioned By
  • Notifications
    • Delete any notifications
  • Property Damage
    • Delete any property damage information in here – as it’s connected to Assets.

E.g. if you have an “Employee” connected to the incident, click “Edit” beside the “Incident Details” section, click the blank option in the dropdown for “Employee“, and click “Save“.

If you have a notification, click “Edit” beside the notification, and in the pop-up box with the notification details, click the “Delete” button.

Once you’ve completed this, click “Edit” beside the “Incident Details” section again, and click the “Delete” button that appears.  If you receive a notification like below, then the incident is still connected to something.  Have a look at the list above, and see what’s still connected.

If the delete is successful, you’ll be returned to the Incident Search page.

Note – when you delete an incident, the Incident No (that is automatically assigned when an incident is created) of the deleted incident will not be available for the next incident.  It has been used, even if the incident is deleted.

If you have further questions or require training, please contact Hasmate.