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Recording COVID-19 tests in Hasmate

Recording COVID-19 tests in Hasmate

Using the “Additional Information” section in the Employee module

The Additional Information section can be used for many things – and is separated from the rest of the employee information.  This is so that you can set certain Hasmate users to not see this information – if it’s not appropriate for them to view.

This is traditionally used for noting down results from health checks, random drug testing, flu vaccinations, and employment issues (e.g. written warnings).  However, with COVID-19 being in the community, this section could also be used to detail other information:

  • If an employee is self-isolating – with the Next Review Date being their expected return to work
  • If an employee has had a COVID-19 test – with the Date and Result

Adding Master Files

To create the options found in “Additional Information” under “Type”, you’ll need to add additional Master Files.

To do this:

  • Click on “Master Files” on the main navigation, then hover on “Employees”, then choose “Other Detail Type” from the navigation shown.
  • You’ll now see all the options you currently have set up.
  • To add in a new option, click the “Add” button on the right hand side.
  • Type in what you want to call the option, e.g. COVID-19 test, in the “Other Detail Type” box, then click “Save”.
  • You will now see this as an option in the “Additional Information” section.

If you have further questions or require training, please contact Hasmate.