How To: Assign Business Levels to an Employee - Hasmate
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How To: Assign Business Levels to an Employee

How To: Assign Business Levels to an Employee

A program upgrade to Business Levels have changed the way that we assign Employees to Business Levels.

Previously, when you created a new Employee, you could then associate it to the correct Business Levels (many of our users call these Division/Branch/Department) before you saved your information.

Now, after you save the initial Employee information, you see other sections for PPE, Training, Additional Information, etc.  Business Levels is now one of these.  So once you save, you should then scroll down to the Business Levels section, and connect the Employee up to the correct Business Levels.

Please watch the video to talk you through how to assign Business Levels to an Employee in the Hasmate program.

If you have further questions, please contact Hasmate.