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Use Contractor Search and Export

Use Contractor Search and Export

The Contractor Search page layout

Please click on “Contractors” in the program menu.

Order of Contractors

The Contractor Search page shows 15 contractors alphanumerically by Contractor/Supplier Name.  Any empty fields show at the top, then names that start with numbers (e.g. 123ABC, 156GH, etc), then names that start with letters (e.g. AB1234, AB1237, AC456, etc).

You can reorder the contractor search page temporarily, by clicking on another column title, e.g. “Contractor/Supplier“, “Business Category“, “Company Contact Person“, etc.  In each case, empty fields will show at the top, then fields that start with numbers, then fields that start with letters. Clicking on the column title again will put them in reverse order.

Note – if you go to another part of the Hasmate program, or log out and log back in, the Contractor Search page will return to the default ordering by Contractor/Supplier Name.

Contractor pages

To go to the appropriate page of contractors, you can use the page numbering buttons.

<< takes you to the first page of contractors

< takes you back one page

1, 2, 3, etc takes you to the exact page that you want

> takes you forward one page

>> takes you to the last page of contractors

Using Search

To find the contractor or contractors you wish, you can use one or more of the following fields to search by:

  • Contractor/Supplier
  • Active (dropdown of Yes or No)
  • Business Level 1, 2, and 3 (these will be named whatever you’ve named them in “Controls“, and will be drop-downs of the options you’ve previously set)

Then click the “Search” button to see the search results of contractors appropriate to the criteria you’ve set.

To clear a search, click the “Clear” button.

Using Export

At any point, you can export some of the contractor details as a spreadsheet.

Information can also be exported after a search.

The information in the spreadsheet will include the following fields:

  • ContractorID
  • ContractorName
  • BusinessCategoryDesc
  • ContractorDesc
  • ContactPerson
  • Criteria
  • ActiveFlag
  • PhysicalAddress
  • PostalAddress
  • AfterHoursPhoneNumber
  • MobileNumber
  • EmailAddress
  • NextReviewDate
  • HSReviewDate
  • InsuranceExpiryDate
  • PublicLiabilityInsurance
  • Contractor_Co_orderinator
  • PhoneNumber
  • BusinessLabel1Desc
  • BusinessLabel2Desc
  • BusinessLabel3Desc

If you have further questions or require training, please contact Hasmate.