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Examples of Contractor Criteria

Examples of Contractor Criteria

In the Contractor module, the Selection Criteria field can often confuse people.

Selection Criteria

As businesses, we often use more than one contractor/supplier that undertakes the same type of work, and the Selection Criteria field is a great place to note down why you use a particular contractor/supplier – as part of your contractor selection process, e.g.

  • Are they the best value for your business?
  • Do they do the best work?
  • Do they have health and safety systems (of their own) in place and working?
  • Do they have public liability insurance?
  • Do you find their staff are the best trained and qualified?
  • Are they have a 24 hour a day call-out option, or do they have a great help desk?
  • Do they have great subcontractors?

Have you seen our “Contractor List with Selection Criteria” report – found in “Community Reports“?  You might find this useful!

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