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Hazardous Substances Management for Schools

Hazardous Substances Management for Schools

The Hasmate online program was designed to be used by all industries, no matter what size.

Here are some specific ways the Hasmate program can be used for those in education, specifically primary, intermediate, and high schools.

There is some great questions answered, including “Who is responsible for health and safety at a school?”, by WorkSafe here – click here.

Using the Chemicals module

Having a register of what hazardous substances you have on the school grounds is important.

This module can be used to add notes about each chemical used and kept onsite, e.g.

  • Chemicals used by the groundsperson;
  • Chemicals used in the science classrooms (if appropriate);
  • Chemicals used in general classrooms, etc.

This is also a useful place to store digital copies of material data sheets, although isn’t a replacement for having printed copies of these beside the chemicals (in case of an emergency).

To find out about adding a chemical to the Hasmate program, click here.

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