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Container Size

Container Size

With the updated Hazardous Substance Regulations, it is important to record the size of the container you are using to store each chemical.

As you may be using two different sized containers to store one chemical, two fields have been provided for this.

In each field you can note down how much you have, e.g.

3 x 3L would be noted in the “Containers < 5L”.

2 x 5L would be noted in the “Containers > 5L”.

Container size and type can affect the controls you must comply with. For example, you will need a location compliance certificate for flammable liquids if you store:

  • 50 L or more in an open container
  • 100 L or more in closed containers larger than 5 L
  • 250 L or more in closed containers up to 5 L.

For information about location compliance certificates, click here.