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Health and Safety Posters

$40 + GST each.

If the Health and Safety Poster you require is not in the list below, please contact Hasmate, and we can create an appropriate Poster for your business.

Some examples of Health and Safety Posters that we can provide your business:


  • Audit cycle

Emergency Management

  • Chemical spill management process
  • Emergency assembly poster
  • Emergency evacuations
  • Emergency procedures matrix
  • (Free) Guidelines for working around helicopters

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Personal protective equipment matrix (1)
  • Personal protective equipment matrix (2)
  • PPE use combo
  • PPE requirements on worksites
  • PPE matrix
  • PPE requirements for dust bags
  • PPE and visitors

General H&S Posters

  • Cellphone use while driving
  • Chemical spill management
  • Guidelines for health and safety committees
  • Guillotine access poster
  • Hazard management priorities
  • Lockout and isolation tagging
  • Manual handling
  • Near miss incident management cycle
  • No unauthorised entry
  • Hazard/risk management cycle
  • Safe use of axle stands
  • Steam cleaner
  • Use of compressed air
  • Workshop safety rules

Garage and Engineering Workshop

  • Authorised use of forklifts
  • Breakdowns and fuel spills
  • Elevated deck supports
  • Don’t jump into pits
  • General workplace hazards
  • PPE requiprements of workshops
  • Safe use of axle stands
  • Safe use of compressed air
  • Suspended loads
  • Workshop safety rules 1
  • Workshop safety rules 2

Orchards & Horticulture

  • General workplace hazards
  • No unauthorised entry
  • Orchard equipment
  • Orchard PPE
  • Prohibited access areas
  • Safe use of hydraulic pruners
  • Sun protection
  • The safe use of an orchard ladder

Visitor Management

  • General hazards notification
  • No unauthorised entry
  • Visitors general information
  • Visitors reporting sign

Civil Engineering

  • Excavation safety checklist

Forestry management

  • Emergency management checklist
  • Harvesting risk management process

Contact us if you have a question or need information…