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Industry Hazard Register Templates

Document price noted below.

Industry hazard register templates are different to normal hazard register templates.  For more information on using industry hazard register templates, please click here.

Each register contains:

  • An explanation about how they should be used.
  • A risk assessment and decision matrix.
  • Information about the hierarchy of controls.
  • Condensed hazard registers for multiple hazards/risks within that industry (includes actual or potential harm, causal factors, room for risk assessment, recommended practicable controls, confirmed control methods, and a space to knote whose responsibility it is to make sure the control methods are completed.)
  • Space for you to add contract or site specific hazards and risks.

When purchased, documents have a “draft” watermark on them.   They have a very basic layout, so that you can manipulate it to fit with your branding – e.g. add your logo, change the font to match your branding fonts, etc.  We ask though that our copyright remains on the documents.  The purchaser has the responsibility to work through the document to amend them to fit for their business.

The industry hazard register templates that we can provide your business:

  • Boat Building (includes 24 hazards) = $510 + GST
    (Hazards include air hoses and compressed air, bandsaw, changing the heads of the press, circular saw, CRC machine, etc.).
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  • Bobcat Operations (includes 22 hazards) = $480 + GST
    (Hazards include bees and wasps, broken hydraulic hoses and hydraulic fluid, compactors, concrete removal, confined spaces, etc.).
    Contact to order>>

  • Civil Contracting (includes 34 hazards) = $660 + GST
    (Hazards include operating plant on unstable ground or steep slopes, use of excavators, weather conditions, transporting loads and equipment, loading and unloading equipment, etc.)
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  • Cold Stores (includes 13 hazards) = $345 + GST
    (Hazards include contractors working on site, craft and stanley knives, forklift operations, forklift safety cage, forklift – changing the gas bottle, etc.).
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  • Container Yards (includes 16 hazards) = $390 + GST
    (Hazards include weather conditions, access and visitors to the yard, unloading containers, stacking containers, loading containers, etc.).
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  • Eco Contracting (includes 27 hazards) = $555 + GST
    (Hazards include weather conditions, working alone, fire control, 4WD vehicles, access tracks and general road conditions, etc.).
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  • Engineering (includes 60 hazards) = $1,050+ GST
    (Hazards include air tools and air guns, angle grinders, changing the grinding and cutting disks, battery charger, bench grinder, etc.)
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  • Fencing (contains 20 hazards) = $450 + GST
    (Hazards include weather, fatigue, manual lifting, bees and wasps, transporting equipment, etc.)
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  • Forestry and Logging (contains 37 hazards) = $1,500 + GST
    The following hazard/risk registers have been developed with an association with a number of forestry contractors.  They also contain a number of work procedures (SOPs), but as the industry safety standards are constantly changing, it is recommend that these new standards are best practice and should be taken into consideration when reviewing these hazard registers.
    (Hazards include hydraulic equipment, log loading and safety management, setting up the skid site, shovel logging, felling, environmental considerations, etc.)
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  • Garage & Workshops (contains 26 hazards) = $540 + GST
    (Hazards include air tools and air guns, angle grinders, difficult customers, drill press, engine hoist, etc.)
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  • Glazing (contains 29 hazards) = $585 + GST
    (Hazards include angle grinder, belt sander, glass delivery, glazing windows, handling glass and working with, etc.)
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  • Hay Making (contains 21 hazards) = $465 + GST
    (Hazards include weather conditions, pre-start checks, fire (grass and forestry), attaching three-point linkages, quad bikes, etc.)
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  • Hedge Cutting (tractor) (contains 19 hazards) = $435 + GST
    (Hazards include occupational overuse syndrome/carpal tunnel, overhead hazards, sunstrike, flying debris, machine stability, etc.)
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  • Hydraulic Hose Doctors (contains 13 hazards) = $345 + GST
    (Hazards include texting while driving, broken hydraulic hoses and hot hydraulic fluids, working in enclosed spaces, working with other contractors, driving forestry roads, etc.)
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  • Joinery (contains 34 hazards) = $660 + GST
    (Hazards include 4-inch grinder, band saw, belt sander, biscuit joinery machine, edge bander, etc.)
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  • Log Transport (contains 50+ hazards) = $1,500 + GST
    These hazard/risk registers are industry specific, and have been developed with an association with the log transport industry over 15 years.  The hazard registers are divided into three operation areas:

    • Pre-start and general hazard registers;
    • Transport operation hazard registers; and
    • Unloading operation hazard registers.
  • Contact to order>>

  • Planting Pine Trees (includes 15 hazards) = $375 + GST
    (Hazards include planting operations, weather conditions, working alone, fire control, access tracks and general road conditions, etc.)
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  • Service Stations (includes 13 hazards) = $345 + GST
    (Hazards include car fire, aggressive customers and residents, armed holdup and drive away, flooding on site, forecourt cleaning, etc.)
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  • Silviculture (includes 15 hazards) = $375 + GST
    (Hazards include working alone, manual lifting, chainsaw work, weather conditions, 4WD vehicles, etc.)
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  • Surveying (includes 27 hazards) = $555 + GST
    (Hazards include accessing property and climbing fences, ATV use, driving company vehicles and safety, office safety, water safety, etc.)
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  • Trucks and Transportation (includes 27 hazards) = $555 + GST
    (Hazards include roll overs, road and access conditions, pre-start checks, excavators, driver fatigue, etc.)
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