Latest Update 17th December 2020 - Hasmate
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Latest Update 17th December 2020

Latest Update 17th December 2020

The latest upgrade is detailed below.

Removed the Forum

The original plan for the forum was it to be a place for Hasmate clients to discuss health and safety, for us to share updates with Hasmate clients, etc.

However, the forum developed into a place where Hasmate clients logged any questions or problems with the software – rather than contacting support via phone or email.

For this reason, we have removed the forum – but in it’s place, we have now added a reminder about how to discuss any questions or issues with the Hasmate program – with Hasmate’s 0800 number (0800 427 6283) and a link to email us (

We will continue to share updates with Hasmate clients through our monthly e-mail newsletters, Facebook, Instagram, and on our website.

Description field for Assets

After a request by a client, we have added a Description field into Assets, where you can add any further detail you would like against that asset, e.g. identifying marks, etc.

Tidied Corrective Action Status

In some screen resolutions, this field (found in Hazards) was sitting askew.  This has been resolved.

If you have any questions about the above upgrades, please contact to discuss.